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It's been a dark month for the restaurant industry - Los Angeles - the world. In an instant, everything changed. Uncertainty and fear has swept over this vibrant city.

Especially during these times, we need a moment to practice gratitude. It's said that gratitude and fear cannot coexist. We are grateful for our loyal customers who keep the lights on for this little corner of the world. We are grateful we can offer some support to our Bird's Nest family. We are grateful to see the world coming together to beat one of the biggest challenges we have faced in a generation.

No matter the situation, there's always somebody else who needs help. Giving back has always been part of our DNA. Health care workers fighting tirelessly and risking their lives to beat this invisible enemy. We need your help, we are launching a campaign to allow customers to donate a meal. We can't be there with them, but we hope we can lift their spirits and take care of a small part of their day. You can help by selecting "Donate a meal" on our third party apps or make a donation on our online ordering.

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