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Thank you healthcare workers of Good Samaritan Hospital

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We have the best customers. We have the best team at Bird's Nest. We are lucky to be part of this community. Since launching this campaign just under weeks ago, we received over 400 donations to front line health care workers.

Meal donations were delivered to the Good Samaritan hospital yesterday. Your act of generosity helps boost morale for the front line fighting tirelessly against this invisible enemy. We don't always see their sacrifices, but we know. Such as worrying about being a source of danger when arriving home to their family; or an exhausted night shift nurse with limited options for basics such as food or groceries; or facing uncertainty with each new patient they selflessly care for. Your contribution lets them know that we understand and we care. They are overjoyed to know the community is there for them.

The customer contribution has been amazing. With so many meal donations, we are reaching out to other hospitals and front line workers. This past month has shown us the human resolve is unstoppable when we come together. Thank you customers and thank you Bird's Nest Team.

We will prevail.

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